Inner Cleanse [Organic Tea]


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Detox & Radiance Blend

A purifying blend that strengthens and nourishes, bringing harmony back to the body by gently cleansing the blood and supporting healthy liver and kidney function. A blend made from nutrient-dense, tonic and adaptogenic herbs, this delicious earthy combination is the perfect brew to elevate vitality and energy, promote healthy gut function and nurture healthy radiant skin within.

This blend is beneficial for:

— Energy, Skin & Hair Health

— Improved Vitality & Mental Clarity

— Sluggish Digestion & Healthy Gut Flora

— Gentle Detoxification & Hormone Support

Botanical Ingredients:

Dandelion Root, Schisandra Berry, Red Clover Flower, Burdock Root, Rooibos, Nettle Leaf, Milk Thistle Seed, Licorice Root & Fennel Seed.

All herbs are Certified Organic. This blend is naturally caffeine-free.

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