Our vision is to inspire beautifully- nurturing mind, body + soul in harmony with each other and our Mother Earth.

When crafting Bohemian Bright, we knew from the beginning that where we couldn't make products ourselves, we only wanted to partner with sustainable, ethical suppliers. That’s why every partner is carefully considered to make sure they fit a high standard of working conditions, sustainable and ethical accreditations. We source our products from a variety of global partners: some are right here in Australia, others overseas in India and China, and some products we continue to make ourselves here in Burleigh. What they all have in common is their ethics, planet-friendly high quality, and enthusiasm towards creating products and practices that align to our sustainability journey.


Bohemian Bright was born from Dani's love of hand crafting natural products for home + people. We continue to honour that tradition by handmaking our aromatherapy range and supporting artisans around the world.

Our fabrics are carefully curated to align with our values. We are conscious that cotton farming can have negative environmental impacts, which is why we only source from sustainable suppliers to make the best use of this renewable, biodegradable fabric. Our core Bohemian Bright clothing range is made of a luxurious cotton blend, and our line of Little Bright clothing and wraps makes use of linen, organic cotton and bamboo: biodegradable fabrics with gentle farming practices to protect the planet for generations to come. Even our aromatherapy line has a focus on sustainability: our packaging is proudly plastic-free, we use only pure and organic essential oils, and the soy wax in our candles is sustainable and renewable.


We have always ensured that our global partners are independently certified and abide by non-negotiable standards in place to protect workers. These standards focus on a safe work environment and fair pay for the individuals producing our products. Including;

  • Workers must be paid a liveable wage equal to or above the legal or industry standard. This wage must be sufficient to meet the basic needs of workers and their families with some discretionary income.
  • Child labour is strictly prohibited. 
  • Workers must not be asked to work unreasonable hours. Overtime must always be offered to workers as voluntary and must be paid at a higher rate than standard wages. Work hours must comply with legal or industry standards.
  • Workers must be given equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or similar. 


When you purchase from Bohemian Bright you’re not only supporting a small, family-run business, but also contributing towards ethical and sustainable production practices locally and globally. 

Our sustainability journey is exactly that- a journey- one we are continually working on new ways to improve.

We love to hear what is important to you. Join our family and the journey towards shining a little brighter.