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Article: A Very Bright Christmas Guide

A Very Bright Christmas Guide

A Very Bright Christmas Guide

As the scent of cinnamon fills our homes and Christmas music lurks in every shopping centre, the festive season can quickly become overwhelming. We’ve put together a gifting guide to sweep any pre-Santa stress up the chimney—whether you’ve barely started shopping or are tying the final ribbons on your carefully curated presents, we have a pick for you.

A Little Something

Car Diffuser

Every year, our Essential Oil Car Diffusers fly out the door as Secret Santa presents. The perfect blend of personal and universal, they make a unique gift sure to please even the fussiest of recipients.


For expectant or new mummas, those after a natural energy boost, or the die-hard tea lover in your life, Kintonik crafts beautifully unique botanical blends for every taste.


Personal and empowering, a carefully chosen crystal with a handwritten note makes for a thoughtful and inexpensive gift. Pop in store to discover our range of showstopping crystals at various price points or venture to your local crystal store.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

If kitchen craft makes your heart sing, your loved ones will appreciate a handmade chocolatey gift. These Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Erica Kastner are so simple to make, requiring only two ingredients, and make a sweet and salty gesture of appreciation for anyone in your life.

Something More

A Touch of Gold

Every Christmas needs a little bit of sparkle. Whether it’s a crystal beaded bracelet or glimmering gold hoops, jewellery is always and safe and cherished option.

Terracotta look pots

If you have a little bit of time, you can upcycle old or op-shopped vases and glassware into gorgeous terracotta-look pieces. Simply add a little baking powder to paint and, well, paint them! The result has a beautiful textured finish and can be made in any colour to suit every home. Collective Gen has a more detailed step-by-step here. This method also works beautifully with your old candle jars.


For the aesthetic adventurer, our 100% Australian Wool Fedoras are made to last a lifetime. With an adjustable size band and a variety of colour options, this is a gift that will give back for years.


Handmade and expertly crafted, our Kantha Quilts are available in a variety of designs to suit every bedroom, nursery, or living area. Versatile and unique, they’re perfect as a throw, picnic rug, or cot blanket and will be treasured for years to come.

Lifelong Jackpot

Beach cart

For families, Little Brights, and adventurers, our Pearl Beach Carts are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Built to last a lifetime by the sea, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one of these beautiful and functional adventure buddies.

* * *

On behalf of our little Bohemian Bright family, we wish you a safe, sandy and salty Christmas. We hope Santa finds his way to wherever you are. And, most importantly, we hope you get the time to spend it with the ones you love. Merry Christmas, Brights.

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