Beach Essentials for Easy Adventures

As the weather gradually warms, we’ve been living for every moment in the sun. We’re holding out for another blissful summer in paradise: the ocean adventures, the creek cool offs. It’s easy to let the essentials go forgotten in the family flurry to get out of the house, so we created this beautiful beach day checklist to make sure you’re fully equipped for every adventure. Just print out and stick to the fridge or by the front door. Bohemian Bright exists in the place where function and beauty collide, and we want to share our staples for a no-fuss, all fun lifestyle.

1. Sunscreen

Use a reef friendly, SPF50+ sunscreen.

2. Water

Insulated, stainless steel bottles stay cool even when the sun is searing.

3. Snacks

4. Towels

5. Beach toys

Spades, buckets, balls… you know the drill.

6. Hats

Keep little faces out of the sun with our Little Arlo Boater or relax in luxe style with the Frankie Fedora.

7. Beach cart

The only solution to carry your Little Bright plus all of your supplies with ease: our Beach Carts, available for pre-order now.

8. Dry clothes

9. Sunglasses

10. Beach umbrella

Okay, we’re a little obsessed with sun safety.

11. Bluetooth speaker

Good tunes for good times: definitely essential.

12. Book

Is it a little too ambitious to think you’ll get some free time all to yourself? Maybe, but it’s good to be prepared anyway.

We love seeing your pictures of Bohemian Bright products in the wild. Tag us in your photos @bohemianbright - we simply adore connecting with you. Enjoy the sun, Brights 

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