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Article: Conscious at Home

Conscious at Home

Conscious at Home

 This one sits close to our heart!

            Here at Bohemian Bright our core focus is creating beautiful, functional products that are safe for your whole family. We create our products consciously, with the health of our tribe and the planet in mind. But what does this mean when it comes to candles?

100% Natural?

     Little did Dani know that the B Bright journey would begin when she began researching what her favourite candles were made from and why her now husband’s allergies always flared up when she burned them.

This is what she found.

       Most big batch candles today are produced with paraffin wax, a by-product of crude oil- a highly unsustainable fossil fuel, harmful to our respiratory systems and the air quality of our homes. But it is not just the wax itself that poses a threat to your family’s health!

       Aromatherapy is not a policed industry with regulated standards in Australia and most countries around the world. Candles can be advertised as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ soy candles and are usually still scented with a synthetic fragrance. These ‘natural fragrances’ (do not exist) and release a variety of carcinogens when burned- yes! Carcinogens- just as bad as smoking or breathing in second-hand smoke- posing a variety of threats to both you, your home, and the environment!


So how do I know my candles are natural?

Check the label- but the crazy part is that companies do not have to write ‘fragrance’ as an ingredient. Most ‘natural’ companies are writing ‘essential oil candle’ and providing a candle full of fragrance. For example- A natural ‘Coconut & Lime’ Essential Oil Candle does not exist... Coconut cannot be made into an essential oil- when it comes to candles- coconut is a fragrance.

  • Do your research, if it cannot be made into an essential oil it is not a ‘natural fragrance’
  • know your candle artisan- shop local.
  • Look for real natural alternatives- you can smell (and feel) the difference.

 Why don’t all companies use essential oils when we know the risks associated with fragrances?

 Well, the simple answer is that it is a much harder science to perfect an essential oil candle and is not as cost effective.

...But we have got you!

    It is important to us that our products are safe; if we would not want it in our home, we don’t want it in yours. 

After 3 years of perfecting the Bohemian Bright range has become a natural household favourite. 100% natural and handmade right here in our little Burleigh studio with only the finest ingredients:

  • Organic, sustainably farmed soy wax
  • Pure essential oils
  • and a whole lotta love. x

That is it!

We are proudly free of fillers and synthetic fragrances. Even our candle wicks are carefully considered: using lead-free cotton wicks and finally hand poured into our beautiful reusable glass jars.

 Which is your favourite? We would love to know below. :)

Explore our range of Organic Essential Oil candles here.

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