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Article: Essential Oil Guide

Essential Oil Guide

Essential Oil Guide

Here at Bohemian Bright our core focus is to nurture mind, body and soul, and our essential oils are no exception. Designed to smell beautiful while also providing aromatherapy benefits, our oils are the perfect fit for your aromatherapy needs. Discover which blend or pure oil is right for you and your family.

Pure Oils


Pure, organic spearmint

If you’re looking for a simple, balancing oil, Fresh is for you. Spearmint is a gentler, milder choice than peppermint, and can assist with stress reduction and focus; perfect for when you need to get work done or are settling into a study session.


Pure, organic orange

An uplifting blend for the mind, body and soul. This oil is not only perfect for lifting the mind and reducing stress, but also smells insanely delicious. Diffuse in your home when tackling difficult tasks or having guests over, or rub into skin with a carrier oil for a natural perfume.


Pure, organic lemongrass

The ultimate oil for versatility, lemongrass will become a favourite in your arsenal. It brightens spaces with its clean, uplifting aroma, boosting mood and productivity. Use in a diffuser as a natural bug repellent that also deodorises, or add to cleaning products to take advantage of its natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties.



Lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, peppermint & lime

This cleansing blend lifts and revitalises any space you use it in. Designed with native Australian scents, it brings a touch of nature into your home, or as a personal gift for overseas family and friends. Use in your car diffuser or at home for natural sinus relief that is functional and smells delicious.


Orange & cinnamon

This warm, spiced scent is the epitome of comfort in winter and the holiday season. Sweet, citrusy orange oil is both uplifting and relaxing, and has even been shown to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Cinnamon complements orange as an all-round mood booster. Use in a diffuser for a morning energy boost, or when you’re meditating, journaling, or simply enjoying some down time.


Lemongrass, ginger & lime

This energising blend is a staple for every home. With a clean, fresh scent, it’s a popular choice for the bathroom or living areas. As well as smelling divine, this blend may assist with relieving stress and nausea – family car trips, anyone? 😉


Lemon, rosemary, basil & peppermint

This zesty, peppery blend was designed specifically with concentration and focus in mind. Awakening harnesses the benefits of energising lemon, memory boosting rosemary, fatigue fighting basil, and stress reducing peppermint to create a blend ideal for concentration. Burn in a diffuser near your desk, or apply to the skin with a carrier oil for focus that follows wherever you go.


Lavender, mandarin & patchouli

An ideal spa or nighttime belnd, these oils work together to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Perfect to de-stress and prepare your mind and body for a restful night's sleep. We love to use this blend in a diffuser in kids' rooms, in a candle for a relaxing bath, or applied topically in a carrier oil before bed.

To harness the power of aromatherapy, check out our Car Diffusers, Essential Oil CandlesEssential Oil Blends or Pure Essential Oils.


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